Pros and cons of Windows 10 Pro

Who does not know about Windows Pro? Yups, exactly. Windows Pro is one of the many operating systems owned by Windows that are widely purchased. Typically the Windows Pro version is used as an update of previous versions of Windows. Of course this update, followed by the pros and cons of Windows Pro which is also adapted to the critics and suggestions provided by Windows users.

Currently, it has launched the latest Windows Pro. This windows is named Windows 10 Pro. However, what’s the heck of Windows 10 Pro pros and cons? Then, as a man-made system that could not be perfect, what is the disadvantage of Windows 10 Pro? Is Windows 10 Pro good for use? To answer these questions, let’s take a look at some of the following explanations.

Pros of Windows 10 Pro

As one of the products (operating system) of Windows that is the development of previous products, it is proper that Windows 10 Pro has more advantages when compared with Windows predecessor. Pros of Windows 10 Pro, consisting of:

Already Final version

Windows 10 Pro is already the final version. So unlike the trial version, Windows 10 Pro is already more stable. Making it easier and more convenient to use. Moreover, the shortcomings of previous versions (beta version) have been refined. Of course this will make your experience even better.

Has more features

If compared with Windows 7 or Windows 8, of course Windows 10 Pro has many more interesting and complete features. As with Pro user features. These features make Windows 10 Pro the ultimate, most complete and complex Windows operating system.

Virtual Desktop Features

Virtual desktops are one of the latest features that are present in Windows 10 Pro. This feature helps users to create more than one desktop. You can even create more than two desktops with specific objectives and themes.

Typical features of Windows OS returned

For those of you who are loyal to the Windows operating system there is good news for you. Because the Start button that characterizes Windows OS and was eliminated in Windows 8 has been restored.

Free Update for owners of Windows 7 and Windows 8

The advantages and interesting offers of Windows 10 Pro are exclusively for Windows 7 or Windows 8 users. Because there is a free Windows update for the second-generation operating system users before Windows 10 Pro.


Windows 10 Pro is said to have a much more sophisticated security system than the previous generation of Windows. This is due to the Windows Hello feature that provides security in the form of fingerprint scanning and iris scanner. Obviously these features can help you secure your privacy data. In addition, in Windows 10 Pro There is also a Windows Defender that serves to secure data from Malware virus attacks.

That’s some of the pros of Windows 10 Pro. What do you think? Can these advantages support the experience of using Windows better?

Disadvantages of Windows 10 Pro

Although it has been made by having many advantages that have no doubt of its quality, but do you know? That Windows 10 Pro also has flaws that cannot be simply crossed. Here are some disadvantages of Windows 10 Pro that you should consider before deciding to switch to the Windows 10 Pro operating system.

  1. The compatibility of Windows 10 Pro with a variety of applications and games.
  2. Quite difficult to operate.
  3. Had encountered an error in the agenda update.


Of the advantages and disadvantages above can be taken a pretty interesting conclusion. In addition to learning the advantages of Windows 10 Pro, you should also carefully consider whether the lack of this latest operating system belonging to Windows does not complicate you? If you do not have a problem with operating system operations are quite difficult and do not mind the compatibility of applications and games then Windows 10 Pro is very good for you. Similarly, vice versa. If you feel uncomfortable with a difficult operating system and need application compatibility then it is better not upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 Pro.

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